Light Four Wheel Drive Training

Our course will ensure that drivers understand and can demonstrate basic knowledge and practical application relating to the characteristics and operations of a Heavy Four-wheel Drive, to a unit standard benchmark.

Ideal for trainees:

  • Required to obtain the specific unit standards for recognised compliance training.
  • Who have not completed any compliance refresher training in more than five (5) years (recommendation).

We are partnered with Natural Instincts, a leading training, consultancy, and adventure specialist.

They provide: 

  • Ongoing specialist professional development for our trainers.
  • Independent assessment of our trainers to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Constant review of the latest technological advancements in vehicle systems and their impacts on drivers and their training.


  • Hold the appropriate licence for the type of vehicle driven.
  • Vehicles to be provided by the client – 1 vehicle per 1-2 trainees.

Light 4WD:

  • For unit standard 17978 the candidate must hold unit standard 17976

Heavy 4WD:

  • For unit standard 1738: the candidate must hold unit standard 17976 & 17978

Course Numbers and Pricing

  • Cost per group $4,400 + GST for Two Day Unit Standard Based Training.
  • Practical site hire from $225 + GST per day.
  • Training for groups to a maximum of 8 trainees.
  • Additional Trainer $1500 + GST per day (10 trainees maximum).

What to expect on the day

The course includes a mix of theory and practical sessions and includes elements relating to unit standards selected

Light 4WD:

  • 17976: DKO operating a light four-wheel drive in an off-road environment.
  • 17978: Operate a light four-wheel drive in an off-road environment.

Heavy 4WD:

  • 1737: Drive a heavy vehicle on unsealed road surfaces.
  • 1738: Drive a heavy vehicle in an off-road environment.

What happens after you finish the course:

  • We will register applicable unit standards and issue your electronic Certificate of achievement.
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Custom training

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