The environment matters more than ever.

Increasingly the environment and sustainability is a major concern for both businesses and consumers. Many local and international companies have strict policies in place regarding their suppliers’ environmental efforts.

So who do you think they’d partner with: a fleet operator with drivers that are actively reducing carbon emissions and fuel usage, or one with out-dated procedures that stops at the pumps more often than it should?

Trucks carry 90% of our land based freight, so they’re a critical part of the machinery that powers New Zealand every day. Making your fleet more environmentally friendly will pay off on a number of levels.

  • It’s a superb way to retain current clients and to sign up more
  • It’s a fantastic legacy to leave to your family – a tangible example of how you left the world better than you found it
  • It’s also an excellent marketing opportunity – companies all around the world are looking for ways to showcase their green qualifications.

TR driver training Services programmes offer measurable results that will change the way your fleet affects the environment.

A big part of these improvements comes from changes in driver behaviour, thanks to our extensive driver training programmes. Drivers can have an enormous impact on fuel economy, and consequently exhaust emissions. Simple changes in the way drivers accelerate and brake, how consistently they maintain speed, and when and where they idle their vehicle will make a major difference to the environmental impact of your fleet.


In one year TR driver training Services has reduced its clients’ carbon emissions by 1,500 tonnes.


We also cut diesel consumption by two million litres.