Rollover Prevention and Technology Course
From $695.00+gst
This course has been developed to give drivers an awareness of the dynamics and technology at work during cornering, braking, emergency steering manoeuvres and in the event of a jack knife.
Logbook, Fatigue Management & Work Time
From $380.00+gst
Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, work time, and driver logbook requirements
Fatigue Management Online
From $60.00+gst
Minimising fatigue and maximising productivity in your workplace. Approximately 2.5 hours.
Class 2 Truck Licence
From $950.00+gst
Fast-track your career, get your Class 2 full licence immediately after getting your Class 2 learner licence.
Class 3 Truck Licence
From $1250.00+gst
Take the next step in your driving career, get your Class 3 full licence immediately after getting your Class 3 learner licence.
Class 4 Truck Licence
From $950.00+gst
Fast-track your career, get your Class 4 full licence immediately after getting your Class 4 learner licence
Class 5 Truck Licence
From $1250.00+gst
Take the final step in your heavy vehicle licence career and get your class 5 full licence immediately after getting your class 5 learner licence.
Vehicle Recovery (V) Endorsement
From $845.00+gst
Are you venturing into a new career as a Tow Truck Operator? Our V endorsement course will provide you with an understanding of the legal requirements for towing or carrying motor vehicles.
Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED NZ) Programme
From $1600.00+gst
A fuel-efficient driving style is closely linked with improved road safety. Adopting simple fuel-efficient driving techniques gives drivers more time to identify hazards and react to them.
Logbook & Work Time Online
From $40.00+gst
Correctly fill out your logbook to avoid fines, demerits & suspensions. Approximately 1-1.25 hours.
Roadranger Gearbox Training Online
From $45.00+gst
Mastering upshifts & downshifts as well as compound, split and progressive shifting. Approximately 0.75 hours.
Rollover Prevention Training Online
From $69.00+gst
How to reduce your chances of rolling your truck or trailer
Semitrailer Reversing Online
From $35.00+gst
Learn expert techniques for reversing a semitrailer. Approximately 0.75 hours.
Truck and Trailer Reversing Online
From $35.00+gst
How to expertly reverse a truck and trailer in multiple scenarios. Approximately 0.75 hours.
Accelerated Class 2-5L Truck Licence
From $1000.00+gst
Accelerated Class 2-5L programme for drivers over 25 years of age
Bridge Engineering Self Supervision (BESS)
From $425.00+gst
BESS Registration is mandated by NZTA for companies and drivers of heavy vehicles that operate under an overweight permit.
Tail Lift Training Online
From $49.00+gst
Learn how to safely use different types of tail lift, duration approximately 1 hour