Heavy Vehicle Load Security Online
From $70.00+gst
Safe load restraint techniques for truck drivers and loaders. Approximately 3 hours.
Heavy Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling Online
From $45.00+gst
How to couple and uncouple semitrailers and full trailers safely. Approximately 1 hour.
Mezzanine Deck Installation Online
From $29.00+gst
Learn how to install and remove a mezz deck in a truck or trailer. Approximately 0.5 hours.
Spill Control and Spill Kit Training Online
From $54.00+gst
Learn how to assess, control and clean up a spill using a spill kit. Approximately 1 hour.
Heavy Vehicle Load Security
This course covers a variety of information regarding load security and restraint for heavy trucks and trailers.
Axle weight limits, and vehicle dimensions and mass online
From $49.00+gst
Avoid fines by understanding your vehicle's legal axle weight limits duration approximately 0.75 hours The RUC label, data plate and the RUC label don't always tell you how much your vehicle can legally weigh. How can you find out?