Heavy Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling Online

Connecting a trailer securely is the single most important part of load security. Improper trailer coupling means the trailer is at risk of breaking away from the truck, risking injury to people and property, and it creates more wear and damage to the truck and trailer components.

This course teaches drivers an efficient, safe way of connecting a semitrailer or full trailer.

What will you learn?

  • How to inspect the towing and coupling components
  • Preparing the trailer to be connected
  • Lining up the tractor unit or truck and the trailer
  • Reversing and connecting the trailer
  • Connecting the suzi coils
  • Inspecting the coupling
  • Preparing for departure
  • Releasing the trailer from the tractor unit or truck

Who should do this course?

  • Drivers who tow heavy trailers on the road or move heavy trailers in a yard
  • Drivers wanting to drive class 3 or class 5 trucks
  • Companies that have experienced damage to couplings, or trailer breakaway
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$45.00 +GST per person