Electric Vehicle Overview and Operation Online
From $33.00+gst
Get the most out of your electric or hybrid vehicle as a driver. Approximately 1 hour.
Driving in Difficult Conditions Online
From $42.00+gst
Winter & bad weather driving, route planning, vehicle control, incidents. Approximately 2 hours.
Driver Assessment Online
From $35.00+gst
Discover driver risks in your vehicle fleet, then target your training. Approximately 0.5 hours.
Fleet Driver Skills Online
From $30.00+gst
Defensive driving for experienced car and heavy vehicle drivers. Approximately 3-4 hours.
Low-Speed Manoeuvring and Towing Online
From $35.00+gst
Minimise the risk of dents and scrapes in any kind of driving. Approximately 1.75 hours.
Speed Awareness Training Online
From $31.00+gst
Helping you manage your speed. Approximately 0.5 hours.
Low Speed Manoeuvring
From $1600.00+gst
This course will reduce the number of single vehicle low speed accidents that can incur high repair costs.
Road Safety and Driver Awareness
From $1200.00+gst
This programme is designed to extend drivers’ knowledge and awareness of situations as they develop around them.