Road Safety and Driver Awareness

This programme is designed to extend drivers’ knowledge and awareness of situations as they develop around them. 

The key message is to approach driving as a task that demands concentration, focus, care, and attention. Drivers who know how to anticipate hazards, read the environment, use good search, and scan techniques and know how to respond to potential crash situations will be safer.


  • There are no prerequisite requirements for this course

Course Numbers and Pricing

  • Non unit standard course $1200 + GST per group.

  • Unit Standard course $1600 + GST per group.

Training for groups at your site is available with a maximum of 10 trainees

Course Duration and Unit Standards

  • Non unit standard course, course duration is approximately half a day.

  • Unit Standard 3465: Describe driving hazards and crash risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards course duration can be up to a day.

What happens after you finish the course

  • We will update your NZQA Record of Achievement (ROA) with Unit Standard 3465.

  • If a non-unit standard course is completed, we will issue you a course certificate.

We need to tailor this course to your requirements, please request a date and we will be in touch shortly

Custom training

If you have specific requirements for a custom course or would like us to conduct a course at your premises
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