We understand the unique challenges that individuals face when English is their second language.  While all our courses are delivered in English, and all assessments must be filled out in English as well, there are options to help you succeed in our courses and programs.

Approved translators

For those who prefer personalised assistance, we have a list of approved translators available to join you during the course. These skilled professionals can help bridge any language gaps and ensure that you grasp the content effectively. You can find the list of approved translators at

Online courses

Our online courses can be translated into 36 languages.  Where online courses are available, they can be used as an alternative to our classroom courses.  Online can also be used as a support to classroom courses and give you the option to learn material prior to your in-class course.

Give it a go

You are able to attend our classroom-based courses and see how you go.  Please be aware though that our team run to a timetable.  If you are unable to complete any assessments in the time allowed, the course will move on to the next module.  As time allows during the day our team will help you complete any unfinished parts of the course, though if we run out of time, you will need to rebook into another course at additional cost.

Join us at TR Driver Training and experience a supportive and inclusive learning environment.