English your second language?  

To be eligible for our courses, all trainees must demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English, equivalent to NCEA Level 1 (High School ability to ability to read and write english) or an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher. This level indicates a partial command of English, enabling individuals to comprehend and respond effectively in most situations. If a trainee does not meet our English language requirement, please contact us to explore available options listed below:

Can I bring a translator or reader/writer to my course?  

Yes, dependent on the course selected as some public group courses this does not suit. Translators and/or reader writers may be able to accompany you during theory courses only. However, they cannot be family members or individuals attending the same course as you. Please notify our team before attending the course if you intend to take advantage of this option.

Where can I find more out about approved translators?

You can find the list of approved translators here 

Do you run private single or group courses with translators?

We offer private courses for individuals or groups who prefer personalized instruction or have specific language needs. If necessary, we can provide interpreters for the same language group. Our standard rates do not apply, contact us to enquire.

Do you have other options to aid my learning prior?  

 Yes, If English isn't your first language, consider enrolling in one of our online courses, available in multiple subtitled languages. Completing these courses beforehand can enhance your understanding of the topic before attending the in-class session. Explore our online courses by clicking here

Are there any course where an interpreter cannot be utilised?

An interpreter cannot be used in the Dangerous Goods documentation section.

Give it a go

You can attend our classroom-based courses and see how you go.  Please be aware though that our team run to a timetable.  If you are unable to complete any assessments in the time allowed, the course will move on to the next module.  As time allows during the day our team will help you complete any unfinished parts of the course, though if we run out of time, you will need to rebook into another course at additional cost.

If you're unsure whether your English proficiency is adequate for our courses, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to discuss available options with you call 0800 637 000.