Electric Vehicle Overview and Operation Online

Most people driving electric cars never learned in an electric car, and have never been taught how to get the best performance and range, or how to look after them.

This online course explains the optimum driving styles to save costs and time when charging, and how to manage the transition from a petrol or diesel vehicle to either a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

What will you learn?

  • BEV vs PHEV vs Hybrid vs fuel cell.
  • How to get the best range.
  • How to plan an EV friendly route.
  • Where to charge an EV.
  • How to charge an EV.
  • Required maintenance and checks.
  • How to tow with an EV.
  • Hazards and emergencies.

Who should do this course?

  • Drivers who have never driven an electric car, but will need to for work.
  • Drivers who have been driving an EV, but have never been taught the specific techniques for EV driving.
  • Fleet managers who are supplying EVs to their staff.
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$33.00 +GST per person