Heavy Vehicle Load Security

This course covers various information regarding load security and restraint for heavy trucks and trailers.

The course builds an understanding of the importance of load placement, axle weight limitations, and using the appropriate restraint devices and restraint points for the load you are carrying.

This course is equally valuable for loaders and drivers.


  • There are no prerequisite requirements for this course.

Course Numbers and Pricing

Non-Unit Standard course pricing:

  • 1-3 trainees $840 + GST per group.

Unit Standard 1753 course pricing:

  • 1-6 trainees $1,600 + GST per group.

Course Duration and Unit Standards

  • Duration depends on trainee numbers and course selection, ranging from half a day up to a full day.

  • Unit Standard 1753 Load and unload a goods vehicle.

Equipment requirements

Our preference is for customers to supply the following equipment

  • A vehicle – this must be a heavy vehicle.

  • Appropriate load relevant to your company.

  • Load restraint equipment and/or devices.

We need to tailor this course to your requirements, please request a date and we will be in touch shortly

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