Spill Control and Spill Kit Training Online

This online course is for people who work around chemicals and other liquids, hazardous or not. It covers the use of standard spill kits for small and medium spills of known chemicals. It's ideal for drivers, warehouse personnel, distribution team members, machine operators, plant workers and supervisors.

This course demystifies the contents of a spill kit and gives a framework for dealing with all kinds of spills, teaching the trainee how to assess and act in different scenarios.

What will you learn?

  • What is a spill kit
  • Spill kit contents
  • Using safety data sheets
  • PPE and additional equipment
  • Signage and labels
  • Spill assessment and spill zones
  • How to clean up a spill
  • Spill management scenarios
  • Managing your spill kit
  • Incident reporting

Who should do this course?

  • Drivers and machine operators
  • Warehouse and storage personnel
  • Health and safety managers and supervisors
  • Anyone who comes into contact with dangerous goods in their workplace
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$54.00 +GST per person