Rollover Prevention Training Online

Rollovers occur in around 30% of truck accidents, causing serious damage to the vehicle, freight and public property. They frequently injure the driver and sometimes injure or kill other road users.

They happen with all classes of trucks, from class 1 to class 5 and can be a devastating blow to a business. However, rollovers are almost always able to be avoided by using good loading and driving techniques.

What will you learn?

  • What causes rollover crashes
  • What happens during a rollover
  • What are the consequences and outcomes
  • Best practice steering and braking methods to avoid rollovers
  • How to understand static roll threshold
  • How load distribution affects the centre of gravity
  • What technology can be used to prevent rollover crashes
  • Which loads are most at risk of tipping

Who should do this course?

  • Experienced and new drivers of class 1-5 trucks
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$69.00 +GST per person