Fatigue Management Online

Fatigue is one of the biggest contributors to workplace accidents globally. Around 30% of people work while fatigued or tired. Up to 30% of vehicle accidents and over 10% of fatal vehicle accidents are attributed to fatigue.

This online course brings together seven experts and over 100 hours of research to help inform managers, vehicle operators, drivers and other workers what they can do to manage their own fatigue and sleepiness, and how to recognize and manage it in others.

What will you learn?

  • Differences in fatigue vs sleepiness
  • How fatigue affects us
  • How to improve sleep
  • What illnesses cause fatigue
  • Medications and drugs to avoid
  • The importance of diet and hydration
  • How to develop a fatigue management plan and policies
  • What technology can help lower risk

Who should do this course?

Drivers and operators of any vehicles or machines (trucks, cars, forklifts, earthmoving machinery, cranes, agricultural vehicles and more)

Supervisors and managers

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$60.00 +GST per person