Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting my HT licence?

  • You must have held a full NZ Class 1 (car) licence for at least 6 months.
  • Study your general and heavy vehicle road code - if you need coaching with this, just ask us.
  • Visit your doctor and have a medical done.
    Note: it is only valid for 60 days.
  • Visit a licensing agency e.g. AA, VTNZ or VINZ and apply for a Class 2L (Learner) Licence - you will need to present the medical certificate (unless you have presented one in the last 5 years) and pass a theory test.
  • Once you have your 2L, enrol for our Class 2 Approved Licence Course.
  • When you successfully complete the course take the certificate we give you to a licensing agency, fill out the form, pay the fees and you will get your Class 2 licence.
  • Talk to us about moving through to Class 4 and 5.


What do I need to be to operate a forklift?

  • To meet Health and Safety requirements you need to be trained - you must complete a WorkSafe NZ approved course such as the Driver Training Forklift Operators Certificate course.


Do I need a licence to drive a forklift?

  • You need an F endorsement to drive a Forklift on a road or any site that the public can access.
  • To operate a Forklift in other situations we recommend completing our OSH Forklift course as a minimum.


Do we do WINZ quotes?

  • Yes - we are happy to provide you with a quote.


Do we do training for car licences?

  • We only do car licencing to support our clients with truck fleets as part of our customer care programme.


How can I pay for my course?

  • You can pay by Cash, Direct Credit or Credit Card


How long is a Dangerous Goods (DG) course?

  • A course is up to a day.


How long are our other courses?

  • Go to each course listed on our web site where all course durations are detailed.


Do TR Driver Training Services run courses in my area?

  • We have branches throughout NZ and we also frequently travel to clients own sites to conduct training. 
  • If we don't have an office near you, talk to us about running a course at your business.


Do we have advanced driving courses?

  • We have a mix of courses to suit new and experienced operators.
  • Our light vehicle courses are designed to coach existing drivers to be more aware and drive more safely and comply with the laws of the road.
  • Our heavy vehicle courses are for both learners and experienced drivers needing refreshers or coaching.


Will successful completion of TR Driver Training Services courses result in NZQA qualifications?

  • Many of our courses are geared to support NZQA unit standard qualifications – check the details of each course.


How much does the course I want to do cost?

  • Just click on the course details and for our common courses our fees will be included.
  • If not included, please contact us via the web site contact function, email or phone us for a quote.
  • We are happy to provide quotes for groups or tailored programmes.