Competency or Unit Standards we have you covered for both.

This course is designed to ensure an operator has a sound knowledge of the safe and efficient operation of a Sideloader. We recommend unit standard training, followed by competency training every 3 years. 


  • As there is a practical element involving the workplace this course is best delivered at the workplace.

Course Numbers and Pricing

Starting from:

Unit standard training 17679.

  • 1-6 people $1700 + GST per course.

Refresher training.

  • 1-6 people $900 + GST per course

Course Duration and Unit Standards

Duration from half a day to one day:

  • Unit Standard 17679 - Operate a truck-mounted Sideloader. Expect up to a full day. 
  • Refresher training – expect up to half a day

Equipment requirements

You will need to supply the following equipment:

  • One tractor unit with a Sideloader.
  • A truck and ‘skelly’ trailer to receive a loaded container.
  • One container loaded to at least 50% of the safe working load of the Sideloader.
  • *Lifting chains on the Sideloader MUST have a current Certificate of Inspection.
  • Skeletal or flat deck if loading onto a truck.
  • Cones- and/or barriers to secure a safe practical training area.
  • Training room adequate for the size of the course

What happens after you finish the course

  • We will register applicable unit standards and issue an electronic certificate of achievement and wallet card.

We need to tailor this course to your requirements, please request a date and we will be in touch shortly

Custom training

If you have specific requirements for a custom course or would like us to conduct a course at your premises
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